A Bit About me

My Story

It's no secret that our children are growing up in a very different world to the one we grew up in.  I have seen first hand both professionally and personally how this fast paced, judgemental world impacts on our children. 

I have seen an academic system push children so hard they feel like failures before they reach the age of 11. I have seen children unable to be given the support they need to deal with trauma due to a saturated mental health service.  Children who have learnt at age 5 to comment negatively about their own bodies. 

The list is extensive and now we have to add the concerns of a global pandemic and its affects on our children.  Children have been forced in to extensive periods of isolation, removed from educational settings, unable to access their much needed support network of peers.  

Many of our children have faced insurmountable change, as loved ones have been lost, significant financial change has taken in many homes. Children has been exposed to a huge increase in domestic abuse, substance abuse and family members in mental health crisis. Covid-19 is the biggest global crisis for our children since our war time evacuees.

I found a love for yoga many years ago now as a result of my own bumpy mental health journey, diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and more recently PTSD. My world spun too fast, my brain never switched off and I felt like I lived constantly on adrenaline at the edge of panic.  It was exhausting! 

Yoga was my answer, my way to reconnect with my mind, body and spirit.  Allowed the focus and quiet I needed to fall asleep.  My yoga journey was the missing piece to my puzzle. 

I felt I wanted to reach out and share these feeling with our children, Our Tribe was born, my wish and dream to build a community, a safe space for kids.  A change to learn techniques that can help them to breathe and find space on and off the mat.  The unusual chance to be grateful for the body we have, to explore and celebrate ourselves, free from judgement and pressure. 

As a qualified Yoga Therapist I am now able to extend my services to those children who really need the support.  Complex mental or physical health, childhood trauma, SEN children.  Everyone has the right to access yoga and using therapeutic training I am able to offer my support. 


Clare xx